Shiva Yajna

This yajna will help to women and girls in finding a good husband. This yajna is refers to Lord Shiva, the greatest Yogi, which is very easy can be satisfied with sincere service. Thanks to this Yajna, with the grace of Paramesvara, you will found worthy spouse.

Shiva Yagya has a powerful positive effect for the achievement of calm, peace of mind. It gives psychological stability, contributes to spiritual progress, health and happiness and fullness of being.

In terms of astrology Shiva Yagya harmonizes the influence of the planets: Saturn and Moon in the horoscope, and their planetary periods.

The cost of individual Shiva Yagya is 320 usd / 275 eur

For yajna it is needed some your photoes, data of your birth (locality, time and date of birth), short description of your situation, your post address for sending protective covach, which is activates during yajna.

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