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Different kinds of astrology readings online

Cordial greetings to all! :)

List of astrology reports

zIndividual karmik report

zGenoscope (family roots study)

aSade Sati report (calculation of 7 and a half long period of Saturn planet transits (Vimshottari Dasha))

zHealth reading: diagnosis, prophylaxis, treatment

zSolar Return chart (best to order before you birthday)

zSynastry report (compatibility in relationships - love horoscope)
zGemstone compatibility report zChildren’s Charts (available from 1.5 years)

Astrology is the language of the stars, that God speaks to a person, a tool of spiritual growth and most ancient science. It is well known that kings, emperors, pharaohs and all the high and mighty people used astrology for advice and direction. Nowadays it is available to anyone!

In my work I use a mixture of the two astrologic approaches - Vedic and Western. It makes my astrological reports more precise and accurate.

It is not the only reason why my reading is unique. More to this, I write handwritten elaborate astrology reports in my original technique. Reading of a natal chart takes more than 8 hours. It is a spiritual process of meditation, which combines both Astrological knowledge and psychic abilities - extrasensory perception.

How is my Astrology Consultation conducted:

  1. You choose the type of astrology consultation and place your order via the Order Form on web-site ( or sent it via E-mail: [email protected]
  2. You provide me with your birth data: the exact birth time, date (day,month and year), your photo.
  3. I tell you how many days the reading will take, depending on how many clients are in line.
  4. You choose one of the available payment options which suits you more. As I work online and worldwide you can choose payment method and time for consultation which suits you more.
  5. If any particular concerns or questions arise, I will gladly answer via E-mail or over Skype (no longer than 40 minutes). If you need a personal meeting, I would be glad to meet with you and answer all of your questions. Please note that such consultation takes place in Moscow and additional charges are applied.
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