Yajna (the Vedic ceremony)

Yajna is the spiritual Vedic ceremony, which is carried out by hereditary Brahmin on your behalf.

Brahman helps to correct personal karma and make positive conditions for realization your goals in near future using chanting of Sanskrit mantras, pouring of ghee and other actions doing.

It is known, that our karma, results of our actions committed in past lives, translated through the position of the planets in the Sky at the moment of the birth of human and reflected in his cosmic passport — horoscope.

By means of Yajna is possible effective harmonization of planetary periods, especially which are connected with so rough and even dangerous grahas [planets] as Saturn and Mars.

We can offer you a personal Yagya at the sacred lake Radha-Kund in Vrindavan (India) for solving different kinds of problems. Yagya is a special ritual for resorting to one or another Devata, which controls spheres of the being and who is connected with a definite planet in Vedic astrology (Jyotish). Yagya is made by kindling the sacred fire, mantras chanting and offering to Devata such blissful products as fruits, yogurt, honey and, of course, the waters of the sacred rivers.

Yagya helps to overcome life problems and improve your psychological, physical and social-finance situation.


Our Vedic center Om-Aditya is friendly with Laxman Baba who is the hereditary brahmin from Vrindavan. We cooperate with him and he will make yagya for you! It is especially favorable to make yagya at your Birthday and during vedic holydays. Making combination of yagyas (usually two) depends on specific situations, which are caused by planetary periods or consequences of karmic reactions.

After yagya making you will get:

  1. protective covach, which is made according to your situation and personal particulars;
  2. photo and vidio report (a frgment of ceremony) about ceremony, which is made for you;
  3. personal recommendations of Brahman (n the case of their presence).

The types and cost of Yajnas

For yajna it is needed some your photos, data of your birth (locality, time and date of birth), short description of your situation, your post address for sending protective covach, which is activates during yajna.


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