Health reading: diagnosis, prophylaxis, treatment

(over 30 pages of text)

Brief description of the consultation

  1. The type of congenital Constitution (Prakriti)
  2. The definition of current condition of constitution (Vikriti)
  3. Individual recommendations for meal
  4. Overview of meal according to value for health
  5. Individual advices for lifestyle
  6. Seasonal recommendations
  7. Recommendations on the lunar cycles for lifestyle and nutrition
  8. Vulnerable bodies and the risk factors for health and life
  9. Selection of plants and phytoreceptions (phytotherapy)
  10. Selection of aroma oils for aromatherapy and massage
  11. Selection of precious and semiprecious stones to improve health
  12. Upayas (harmonization) for the planets
  13. Recommendations on bioenergo-therapy practices
  14. Definition of subtle causes of disease and the prevention of disease through work on your character
  15. Determination of the degree of influence of heredity and the identification of potentially vulnerable spheres of health
  16. Health horoscope for 5-10 years
  17. Selection of Ayurvedic treatments for health promotion

The cost of a horoscope-recomenadtions - 170 usd / 145 eur

"Professional Russian to English translation of the initial report as well as your follow up questions is included in the cost"

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