About Tatiana Zemskaya

Tatiana Zemskaya (spiritual name – Khayliani) is the Head of Om-Aditya Vedic Center. She is a professional Astrologist, Psychologist, a specialist in Medical and Karmic Astrology, and a researcher and author of articles in Medical and Esoteric Astrology. In her work she combines the two fundamental Astrology schools: Western and Eastern (Jyotish). She gives individual consultations and deliveries seminars in Astrology.

She was born in Rostov-on-Don, a city in South of Russia, on 25th September. Her extra sensory gift has been obvious since her childhood; she has been able see subtle forms of life and communicate with them from an early age.

She has been practising Hatha Yoga, meditation, and pranayama as well as studying alternative medicine, various sacred texts and psychology since 1995.

In 2005 she started travelling around the world visiting various power spots and gaining knowledge directly from the representatives? of Chinese and Vedic culture in fields such as Tsi-Gun, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Astrology and Psychology.

She studied Tsi-Gun for 5 years, and received a Transcendental Meditation initiation. She has been taught by Teachers in India, Russia and China.

In 2009 her life changed forever after she met Igor Ivanovich Vetrov (Achyutananda Das – Doctor in Ayurveda and Vedic Science) in Rostov-on-Don. She became his student in:

  • Esoteric Astrology, Palmistry and Signaturology;
  • Ayurvedic therapy and Naturopathy;
  • Ayurvedic diagnostics and the Method of Five Mirrors.

Tatiana Zemskaya started her own successful Astrology and Vedic Psychology enterprise in 2009. She carried on studying Ayurveda and Astrology with Dr Vetrov after moving to Moscow in 2013.

For the last 7 years she had been actively promoting Vedic educational and spiritual projects through the internet and social media.

She is happily married and has one son.

Her hobbies are: travelling, shooting, charity work and research in the field of esoteric science.

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