Genoscope (family roots study)


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An ancestral horoscope, or genoscope, is created in order to help you understand your hereditary karma. Are you free from it altogether? What does your ancestral line expect from you? What hereditary karmic debts do you have to repay? What “viruses” and talents have been passed down to you through your bloodline?:)

When someone’s hereditary karma overpowers their individual karma, this person’s life is full of hardship even though his natal astrological chart looks good.

In this case you need to obtain from a professional astrologer detailed analyses of your ancestral karma. A genoscope is a unique karmic horoscope which can show your hereditary karma if deciphered correctly.

If you identify one of the following situations (so called “keys”) in your life, it means 50% of your individual horoscope is overpowered by the genoscope. If two or three keys are present, 70% of it is overpowered.

Genoscope keys

  1. Your life events don’t correlate with your individual horoscope at all.
  2. There is a disabled child in your family.
  3. You were born not at the end of full term pregnancy but were premature or overdue.
  4. There are genetic disorders (asthma, pyelonephritis) in your family.
  5. You have chronic illnesses that developed before your puberty was over.
  6. Your ancestors in three or more consecutive generations had the same shape birthmarks.
  7. The same life scenarios have repeated themselves (for example being divorced three times, losing property due to fire etc.) in at least three consecutive generations of your ancestors.
  8. Your deceased relatives visit you in your dreams.
  9. The astrological analysis of your birth chart identifies only Pitta or Kapha in your individual Prakriti constitution.
  10. Your milk teeth appeared unusually early (before you were six months old). This is a sign that good ancestral karma is conveyed to you. Unusually late appearing of milk teeth indicates that you are the subject of negative ancestral karma.
  11. Your birthday is the same as or within five days of the birthday or departure day of one of your parents or grandparents.
  12. You were born at midnight.
  13. Your Black Moon is in constellation of Cancer. This is a clear sign that your ancestral karma is activated. There are also some subtle combinations indicating the same, for example, the Black Moon being joint with Saturn in retrograde.

Some people are free from ancestral karma because they did something extraordinary for their bloodline in the past. They have to deal only with their individual karma in their current incarnation!

This is indicated by the position of the Sun in your natal chart: it should be opposite (180 degrees plus minus 5 days) to your father’s or mother’s natal Sun. For example, if your mother was born on the 15th March, you would be born on the 20th September.

If some of the keys listed above are present in your life, I can analyse your ancestral horoscope as well as your individual one.

Brief description of the consultation

  1. What does your bloodline expect from you? Which ancestor out of the 126 closest ones can offer you support?
  2. What is the karmic basis of your bloodline? What can it give you on a material level?
  3. What is your bloodline’s full potential? What is the ultimate purpose of your bloodline?
  4. What is your role in achieving this goal? What is the future of your bloodline?
  5. What positive genealogical potential does your bloodline have? What is your bloodline’s Guardian Angel? What are your bloodline’s weaknesses and negative stereotypes?
  6. In which generation of your ancestors did a particular problem begin to manifest itself? Recommendations on the ways to solve it.

The cost of ancestral horoscope consultation – 250 usd / 200 eur

"Professional Russian to English translation of the initial report as well as your follow up questions is included in the cost"

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You can also order individual Pitri Yagya to help your deceased relatives.

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