Hanuman yajna

Powerful Yagya, remove obstacles and difficulties at all levels of existence, both internal and external. People in different periods of their lives under the powerful influence of the planet Saturn, which makes different problems in our life.

Hanuman Yagya helps to clean negative karma and create the most favorable variant of development of events and resolve difficulties. Powerful and faithful bhakta of Lord Rama, Hanuman, will help to overcome different obstacles during this period. This Yagya is effective to improve the health, prosperity and general well-being.

It also helps to treat and protect against energetic contamination coming from different kinds of astral creaters: the evil eye, damage, curses, obsessions, manifestations of different spirits, ghosts, protects you from any magical effects targeted against You.

In terms of astrology Hanumana Yagya reduces negative influence of Saturn, harmonizes it, especially in the period of Sade-Sati, or during the planetary period of the planet. Also this yagya harmonizes Mars and Sun.

The cost of individual Shiva Yagya is 300 usd / 255 eur

For yajna it is needed some your photoes, data of your birth (locality, time and date of birth), short description of your situation, your post address for sending protective covach, which is activates during yajna.

If you have any questions about yajna and other questions please contact us by e-mail or call:

E-mail: [email protected] Cell: 8-919-960-47-96 - Tatiana Zemskaya

E-mail: [email protected] - Alexander Rakhuba

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