Individual karmik report

(from 30 pages of printed text)

Brief description of consultation

  1. Astrological birth chart analysis, identifying the congenital Prakriti and Pitta-Vata-Kapha ratio for your body type.
  2. Selecting your individual favourable precious and semi-precious gem stones and metals as well as the best ways to wear them.
  3. Overview of the main tendencies of your natal chart, analysis of personal and spiritual development, your weaknesses and strengths, inner potential, temperament, relationships with your friends, colleagues etc.
  4. Horoscopes for education, job, career, and finances.
  5. Vedic horoscope: for your private life, partner in marriage, children etc.
  6. Lunar horoscope: a forecast of the astrological periods for the year and life ahead.
  7. Your karmic destiny, goals, talents. Analysis of your life events in light of reincarnation. Identification of the positive and negative traits developed in your previous lives. Adverse stereotypes and subtle causes of your ailments and other problems. Recommendations!
  8. The planet connected with your Guardian Angel. Your Ishta Devata - Divine patron.
  9. Predispositions to certain illnesses, dangerous situations etc.
  10. Sade Sati calculation and remedies such as Upper zodiac and Planetary ladder. Karmic maturity point, yogis, planetary combinations and much more.
  11. Possibility of immigration or moving within the country, distant travel.
  12. Upayas - methods of neutralizing the negative influences of the planets.
  13. Your talent and your negative stereotype, so called Dragon. Analysis of Black Moon position (Dragon) as an indicator of negative karma. Methods of dealing with your Dragon and transformation of your vice into a talent.

The cost of consultation is 370 usd / 300 eur.

"Professional Russian to English translation of the initial report as well as your follow up questions is included in the cost"

Detailed birth chart analysis can become an unusual and very useful present for yourself and your loved ones.

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