Character flaws as hidden talents, part two

14 августа 2017 г.
Character flaws as hidden talents, part two

So each of us is given some time to prepare for the game. This period normally lasts between 18 and 42 years
(astrologically it is called the period of Ketu). Everything comes to us comparatively easily during this time.
Shri Ganesha, or Vakratundaya, invites us to use all the merits (Sartha) earned in our previous incarnations or
acquired by our ancestors in accordance with their contract with the guardian angel of our bloodline. We should
avoid anything adverse during this period.

It is desirable to unmask a Dragon during this time. There are “stealth” systems in the modern army which allow
the building of invisible aircrafts, as well as submarines and even cruisers, that cannot be detected by the
enemy’s radars. Each Dragon has a similar system; in other words, he can stay invisible from us, hiding in the
depths of our subconscious. Meanwhile, the people around us often notice this or that problem growing in our
behaviour, and even if people whom we respect point that out to us, we still refuse to believe it.


Naturally, there are some esoteric methods that allow us to detect precisely where our Dragon is hiding: karmic
astrology, palmistry, etc. We recommend you to seek help from an appropriate specialist who will help you
recognise the nature of your Dragon. You can also do it yourself by keeping a so-called “silly dairy”. We call it
that because there you can record any crazy ideas, fantasies and thoughts about yourself, your past and your
future. You can begin with making a list of the negative stereotypes you and especially people close to you
notice in your behaviour. It is helpful to have a soul talk with your close friends or relatives and open your
heart, share your deepest worries and listen to someone who is not going to humiliate or judge you. You should
structure the development of your character flaws – what is a primary fault and what is its consequence.

Slowly, by “diving” into your subconscious, you’ll figure out when Dragon manifested himself for the first time
and relive your first encounter with him. It is possible then to say its real name – to strip him of his stealth
protection. After that Dragon enters our visual zone and we start noticing all his manifestations in our
everyday live. Then, after analysing the development of the corresponding flaw in our character, we can go to the
second stage of the process. This does not mean that if you did not do this in your youth, you have lost your
chance to acquire a treasure hidden in one of your marmas.
The sooner you make this effort, the quicker you will defeat your Dragon.


Your karmic maturity begins when Rahu becomes switched on in your astrological chart. At that moment you enter
the game with your Dragon. This period of time is controlled by Shri Durga Devi, Mother of the Universe.
Everything goes smoothly in the first stage or, at least we are familiar with all the illusions and traps set for
us, and Shri Ganesha easily destroys all the obstacles on our evolutionary path, at least if we really want him

In the second stage we enter a relic zone of the "impassable jungle” where we have to rely on the knowledge and
skills learnt during the early years of our life. Our Dragon completely shapes our archetype by the time our
karma becomes mature. That’s why, in Ayurveda, ailments are categorised differently from Western medicine:
bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer, ischemia, hepatitis, pyelonephritis and so on – but by behavioural archetypes.

The moment of the onset of an illness is considered to be not the time of an appearance of physical symptoms or
pathology but the time certain negative stereotypes are formed in our character.

Everyone should go through the second period in accordance with four main objectives of life. We have to go at
least one step up the evolution ladder - this is called the program minimum. Imagine that you are a goalie and
that the Dragon tries to score. At the beginning he will patronise you like you are a child because you can’t
play football properly. So he wants to kick the ball with all his might at the beginning, but the Dragon becomes
ruthless once your skills develop. There will be fans watching you play – angels, gods and demigods - they’ll
support you emotionally and energetically. Your adversaries will be watching you too and they’ll enjoy every goal
you miss. By God’s will, the referee Dharmaraj will be closely watching the game, ensuring it’s played by the


In reality, this means that you have to learn not to manifest your main character flaw such as jealousy, anger,
pride, greed, fear, indifference, despair or something else. If you achieve this level, you have accomplished the
program minimum but your Dragon is left undefeated. Your negative stereotype will be looming over you for the
rest of your life like the sword of Damocles. Relax a little and you’ll find yourself in the Dragon’s trap once
again. Of course, the Dragon will reward you with a part of your hidden treasure for every correct move you
make, and he can literally shower you with gold if you play a genius combination. That’s why chronic illnesses of
karmic nature usually disappear at this stage, but if a person goes back to previous stereotypes, the old
ailments inevitably come back.

That’s why we advise you to complete the program maximum which allows you to make an evolutionary leap.

To tell you the truth, this a very difficult task for someone who does no spiritual practice. It is very hard to
defeat a “Master of the game”.

You will need to use not just all your talents and skills developed in past lives, but also tips and hints from
your guardian angel, from the representative of the hierarchy of the Universe and from Paramatma. You have to
keep your finger on the pulse all the time, so to speak. You have to learn how to snatch the ball from the Dragon
before he has a chance to kick it. He is running towards it, he is lifting his foot for a kick – but you already
snatched the ball. If you master this skill the Dragon will eventually become worn out and will acknowledge his
defeat. Then you’ll become the winner of the prize – the treasure guarded by the Dragon which was probably out
of your reach for many lifetimes.

Author: Igor Ivanovich Vetrov

Translated by Tamara Sosnina

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