Character flaws as hidden talents, part one

31 июля 2017 г.
Character flaws as hidden talents, part one

Once I read a philosophical and psychological narrative of Avessalom Podvodny “The Occult revisited or the Tale of the Subtle Seven”. Being a talented astrologer, and also Daniil Andreev’s follower to a certain extent, he describes the possibility of the infiltration of some layers of the soul by a foreign consciousness, controlled by Gantugr (one of Lucifer’s names in “The Rose of the World”).
Avessalom Poddubny calls these “crocodiles” and describes very colourfully how they invade human consciousness on different levels. In the case of the individual’s total surrender they enslave him and manifest themselves through various character flaws, which cause distraction and disharmony in our world. Then I remembered one of Shwartz’s brilliant plays – “To Kill a Dragon”, and introduced the term “Dragon” at my next “Character flaws as hidden talents” seminar.

In the New Testament we read how Jesus cast demons out of people. However, he warns them that they have to change, otherwise seven new demons will replace the old one and they will be more dangerous than him. There are similar stories about devils in Islam and Sufism. Angry spirits from Anti-world (Hyperion), who can travel through special channels and come to planet Earth, are mentioned in Vedic tradition. The dimension where they exist in forms of rakshasas, pishachas, bhutas, dakhinis, sakhinis etc is acknowledged. This is called Vitala-loka – an abode of fearsome manifestations of Shri Shiva, Shri Parvati Devi, Shri Rudra and Shri Kali. All Anti-world representatives devote themselves only to those forms of God because they regard fear, pride, violence, jealousy, greed and lust as usual qualities of a normal human being. On the other hand, they consider compassion, friendliness, sincerity, truthfulness, generosity and modesty to be one’s weaknesses.


Any religion of the Anti-world, and there are religions there, is build on the fear of God.

Such Dragons enter one of the 107 main layers of our soul, called “marmas”, excluding the Kundalini-chakra, when we are born. It’s called “sakhini”, which means accompanying spirit, in Ayurveda. God gives an evolutionary task to each of us in each of our incarnations. He does it through Yamaraj - his representative at Pitri-loka, the Ancestors World. Our personal guardian angel and a guardian angel of our bloodline are assigned to help us and they become mediators between human beings on one hand and the hierarchy of the Universe, our bloodline egregor and the Supreme, on the other hand – thus actively participating in our lives.

They are constantly giving us various tips through certain signs, dreams, our intuition, conscience and direct communication to those of us who are open for contact. The Dragons are sent to us by Shri Shiva, or Shri Rudra, and Shri Kali, or Shri Bhavani Devi, themselves so we might acquire “treasure” – one of our hidden talents - by learning different lessons. The Dragon, or sakhini, infiltrates a specified layer of our soul and becomes a “Game Master”.


It’s worth noting that once upon a time each of us was created by God as a personal manifestation of of one of his incalculable genius qualities. Then He split this genius into numerous talents in different dimensions of our soul. Why did God do it? – ask Him yourself, but He set us a task to collect and put together these “broken mirror shards” so we can discover ourselves in His intricate and incomprehensible “lilas”, or transcendental games. Although evolution is a slow process, the Supreme enjoys our every step on Earth, because He manifests His essence in each of us, never repeating Himself within the scale of usual human life paths as well as numerous paths of the parallel civilisations, divided only by time.

So each Dragon, once it has infiltrated a certain marma, is authorised to set the most unusual rules of the game, some traps for us, create illusions and even cause pain and suffering through our physical body, feelings and mind. Even so, a “hair will not fall from our head” without God’s will.

Because a soul leaves it’s home, the Anahata chakra, and travels across different marmas, or subtle bodies, everyday in order to achieve four purposes of life: Kama (joy and happiness), Artha (prosperity), Dharma (fulfilling duties) and Moksha (evolution) – sooner or later it meets its Dragon, who offers her to play a certain game. The rules and settings of it are designed by the Dragon – the Game Master. For example, someone is a grandmaster in chess. Obviously, you are doomed if you play chess with him counting on yourself alone, so you remember about your helpers – the guardian angel, hierarchy of the Universe representatives and the Supreme Himself. They will guide you if you are ready to be guided and they will get into the midst of the battle in order to help you.


The time of the game, and respectively the length of one’s life, are limited, although extra time is always available to us. Usually there are two periods in a person’s life – preparation for the game and the game itself. It was already mentioned that the Dragon is guarding most precious treasure – a talent - which we have to acquire in this incarnation Once we gather all of our hidden talents, they become one of the unique qualities of God and our liberated soul will represent it in the transcendental world. Before this happens, we are set to travel across different worlds and civilizations, where the conditions are right for the development of our genius. The result of everyone’s evolution is kept in the Kundalini-chakra where Paramatma resides.

This way the Supreme is showing the subtle nature of each of us. When we reach liberation, Paramatma dissolves in Absolute Brahman like in the endless ocean of incalculable qualities of the Lord, and we enter the next level of the transcendental world and take part in unrepeatable lilas of God.

If someone rejects the Dragon’s offer, sooner or later he becomes depressed and unsatisfied. In the worst case scenario he starts developing chronic illnesses, which can lead to premature aging and untimely death. These illnesses are called “mentor ailments”, which are distinct from “adversary ailments”, “ally ailments” and “guidance ailments”. They are called that because they are hinting to us about our inner problems, our excessive flaws, the nature of our individual Dragon. Even the most magical healer won’t be able to help us unless we change completely.

The treatment of mentor ailments is quite difficult. As for guidance ailments, they come to us not long before our departure (maximum 5-6 what? prior) and escort us to our final destination. They are encoded into our DNA and terminate our biological existence when our time is up. That’s why they are considered to be fatal.

Ally ailments save us from deadly dangerous illnesses. For example, the flu stimulates the immune system and can destroy cancerous cells at the very beginning of tumor growth. Tuberculosis can cure asthma, and thyrotoxicosis can cure atherosclerosis of coronary, cerebral and renal arteries. Varicose veins reduce convulsive syndrome.

Adversary ailments are usually easy to treat if they have not reached their terminal stage of total destruction of an internal organ or a joint.

Author: Igor Ivanovich Vetrov

Translated by Tamara Sosnina

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