The Secret of Upper Zodiac

17 августа 2017 г.
The Secret of Upper Zodiac

We all know that in astrology there are12 signs which are familiar to us, from Aries to Pisces. However, actually there are 24 signs, and only some astrologers take this crucial information into consideration while analyzing the birth chart.

The 24 signs correspond to 24 hours and 24 runes. The Earth rotation period is 24 hours, but even within 1 hour a person can influence not only upon his/her own life, but destiny of peoples and countries, e.g. make a scientific invention, start a war, sign peace treaty, perform the feat or achieve a sports record.

The traditional lower zodiac rules the 12 hours of night while the Upper Zodiac rules the 12 day hours. The sphere of influence of each sign of the Upper Zodiac starts at the joint of familiar constellations, as if broadening the borders of each sign by 7.5 degrees on either direction, forming 12 boundary mystical sectors, 15 degrees each.

The first sign of the Upper Zodiac is Clock, located in Aries and Pisces. The second is Pegasus, located on the border of Pisces and Aquarius. On the border of Aquarius and Capricorn there is Sphinx. Tree is between Capricorn and Sagittarius. On the border of Sagittarius and Scorpio there is notorious Ophiuchus. It is followed by Raven which is between Scorpio and Libra. Between Libra and Virgo there is Shepherd. Knight is between Virgo and Leo. Chariot is between Leo and Cancer. Cancer and Gemini are divided by upper sign of Ship. Gemini and Taurus are divided by Hunter. And Whale is located between Taurus and Aries.


Significance of a person with activated Upper Zodiac.

The people who have the activated Upper Zodiac are marked by a particular mission, extraordinary talents and abilities. The spheres of influence of traditional signs and their ruling planets correlate with profound meaning of Upper signs. The significance of the house and the position of planets, opening the Upper Zodiac, are taken into consideration.

Only after scrutinizing all the subtle details of reading the chart, astrologist reveals mission and sphere of particular abilities of a person who is favoured by the Supreme forces.

If the Upper Zodiac is activated, the birth chart should be read from a different angle. It is essential to be correct in emphasizing particular aspects and priorities, as the activation of the Upper Zodiac is one of the most important indicators in one’s destiny.

There is a struggle of the good and evil forces going on for the soul of such people since their very birth, that is why the children with open Upper Zodiac are in great danger.

These people are subject to great temptations and ordeals because the representatives of the antiworld will always try to entice them to their side. To get protection from Guardian Angels, semigods of Universal Hierarchy, who are summoned to help in this incarnation, one should follow the way of spirituality, conscience, religion and learning Higher knowledge, preserving the purity of thoughts.

People with activated Upper Zodiac are mediators of “Devine power”, they should help others evolve spiritually and generally. They should show a positive example, because many people unconsciously follow their words and choices. If such people choose the evil side or even stay neutral, they will finally achieve only chaos, illusions and destruction not only in their own life, but in lives of those influenced by them.


“Upper Zodiac” people have intense inner life, they comprehend signs, pay attention to various omens. Bright realistic dreams allowing to “live lives”, learn and receive information, are highly significant, that is why it is very important for them to get enough sleep. They can sleep for 10-12 hours, which is normal for them. It is good to write the dreams down in a special “dreams diary”.

People distinguished by Upper Zodiac are born for realization of Devine plan and as opposition to the dark forces. They are not strongly tied by earthly karma, they can change the rules of their life scenario, limit the influence of the dark forces. Following their divine nature, they can develop superpowers and talents, they have special privileges, but responsibility for their correct use increases dramatically.

Many geniuses and celebrities have signs of open Upper Zodiac, some of them were “good”, and others “evil” ones. By the way, the Upper Zodiac can open and reveal itself several times in different parts of the natal chart.

Celebrities with open Upper Zodiac:

M.Musorgsky, A. Einstein, G, Washington, L.Utesov, A. Tarkovsky, B. Willis, S.Dali, Y.Gaidar, G.Bruno, J.S.Bach, F. Ushakov, K.Malevich, Michaelangelo, G.Byron, D. Lynch, F.Fellini, Jesus Christ, Beethoven, Stalin, Edith Piaf, L.Brezhnev, S.Spilberg, A.Vertinskaya, Lomonosov, F. Magellan, A.Suvorov, A.S.Pushkin and many others.

Principal rules of activation of Upper Zodiac.

Certainly, not all the people have the activated Upper Zodiac, but perhaps there are such among your friends and relatives, and this knowledge will help you understand them better. Below there are the main keys to reveal the information about a particular mission. But to comprehend it in full detail, you should need help of a professional astrologist who carries out research and has practical experience in reading charts with open Upper Zodiac.

  1. If there is a cluster of three or more planets on the border of two signs on the both sides from the border. The closer the planets are to the border the wider the Upper Zodiac Gates open and the more is a specific mission the person is marked with before the society.
  2. Near the border of one of the signs within 7.5 degrees from the border there is a cluster of 3 or more planets, Rahu and Ketu strengthening the opening of the Upper Zodiac.
  3. The most bright and powerful opening of the Upper Zodiac is performed by the Sun and the Moon in conjunction with planet, on both sides of the border of signs. Also, if the Sun and the Moon are on the 30th and the 1st degree of any sign.
  4. If the birth takes place on the eclipse on the boundary of the signs, then the conjunction of the Sun or the Moon with Rahu or Ketu will fully open the Upper Zodiac.

Author: Tatiana Zemskaya

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