Saturn in the Vedic Astrology

22 октября 2017 г.
Saturn in the Vedic Astrology

Saturn in the Vedic astrology reflects the law of Dharma, hence one of its names is Dharmaraj.

Dharma is a duty, responsibility which every living being has. Saturn (Shani) is a great cleaner and controller of the Universe. He obeys Lord Shiva. It was Shiva who, being satisfied with austerity and sacrifices of Shani, appointed Him to the post of Dharmaraj, the universal prosecutor of Dharma.

Dharmaraj occupies a high position among the Gods in the hierarchy of the Universe, controlling the law of Dharma in all the worlds- solar and lunar ones, on all planetary systems from Satya to Patala Loka.

Saturn is the son of Surya (God of the Sun) and Chhaya (shadow of his wife). When Saturn was born and looked at his father, Surya’s skin got covered with white leprosy. Whatever Surya tried, nothing healed him from the disease, and only after Saturn had stopped looking at him, the Sun recovered.

Even though Surya and Shani are father and son, they are hostile to each other. If in a birth chart Saturn is in conjunction with the Sun, one can observe tense and distant relations between parents and children.

Shani is tall and slim and has the airy constitution of vata-dosha. He has dark complexion, dark tangled hair and beard and looks like wise and severe elder. He limps and that is why he moves slowly. He wears old black or dark blue clothes.

Saturn gives inclination to austerity, ability to concentrate, discipline, meditation and spirituality. He controls the spirit of our ancestors, that is why he favours those who honour their deceased ancestors. Saturn also controls the power of time.

If, for example, you decided to pay your debts within a certain period of time and broke your promise, Shani will immediately add “negative points” to your karma and create conditions for you to pay your debt back, perhaps, in a most unexpected way for you.

As soon as a living being on any planetary system promises something, which is due to be realized within certain period of time, a record is being created in the space-time continuum. In this very way, you get into the sphere of Saturn’s control, and He, as a just judge, sees to it that you fulfill your promises within the timeframes which you set.

Saturn is a birth chart has the best position in Libra and the weakest one in Aries. He is strong in the West, i.e. in the 7th house, where he gets the power of direction (or digbala).


Spheres of Saturn’s control:

  1. Controls all flying creatures. Saturn is responsible for big height.
  2. Diseases, related to Saturn: arthritis, rheumatism, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, bone fractures, premature aging, dental diseases, the depletion of the body, paralysis, physical deformities, all kinds of chronic diseases, nervous diseases and breakdowns.
  3. Plants of Saturn: violet, malformed plants and weeds. Metal- iron, stone – blue sapphire, lapis lazuli.
  4. Food influenced by Saturn: clover, peas, foodstuffs of dark colour, peanuts, rye, vinegar, seeds of black sesame. Bitter and astringent taste, bitter herbs and roots, pickled and fermented food.
  5. Responsibility, austerity, coldness, discipline, practicality, persistence, constancy. As negative qualities- loneliness, pessimism, distrustfulness. Saturn also governs death, old age, the elderly, impoverished and destitute. He is in charge of deprivation, all kinds of isolation, sadness.
  6. Jobs and professions related to Saturn: hard manual and physical labour, trade connected with roots and root vegetables, collecting and recycling of old clothes and spoiled food, work with stones and trees. Butchers, executioners, professional beggars, undertakers, miners. Design professionals, people related to agriculture, railways, prisons and corrective work, architecture and archaeology.

Author: Tatiana Zemskaya

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