Harmonization of the Sun in astrology.

09 октября 2017 г.
Harmonization of the Sun in astrology.

The Sun shows the nature and desires of the soul in this incarnation and with the help of astrology we can see which sphere of life and which talents are lightened by the initial impulse of Divine Energy. That is why it is very important to listen to one’s conscience, fell your spiritual nature.

I would like to share the secrets, which will help you harmonize and strengthen the positive effect of the Sun on your destiny and health.

The secrets of harmonizing the Sun.

  • Flowers of the Sun are chamomiles. It is good to plant the chamomiles in the garden or near the house. Also, you can harmonize and strengthen the Sun in your chart by eating the sunflower seeds and halva. The fields of sunflowers represent a positive sunny effect. If you have an opportunity, visit them.d
  • Since the ancient times the plant Arjuna has been healing the heart diseases. As the Sun is responsible for the anahata chakra and heart, such plant as Arjuna transmits healing sun energy.
  • Birch tree combines energies of the Sun and the Moon – this is an amazing tree, harmonizing the right and left ecerebral hemisphere , making even the energies of the earth and the sky. It heals many diseases and generally produces a powerful harmonizing effect of body and mind.
  • Place the Sun yantra on the east (especially if there aren’t any windows there). You can also paint the eastern wall in colours, governed by the Sun (orange, yellow, red). This will improve the spheres, represented by the Sun (good social position, patronage of spiritual and powerful people; for women it improves relationships with husband and father; you will get more cheerful, this will also produce positive effect on your body – raise the immune system activity and activate the body defense powers)
  • It is good to watch the rising Sun, do yoga complex Surya-namaskar on the sunrise in eastern direction and go to bed until 10-11 pm. Not to eat after sunset, it is also not good to sleep during the sunset.
  • To help one’s father and venerate him, respect the elder, teachers and other confessions, religions. To help sattva doctors. To be generous, to practice charity, to make donations (especially for children, churches and temples and development of creative projects).
  • Reciting mantras for the Sun is especially good on Sundays on sunrise, not less than 108 times, facing the east. This is a strong sadhana not only in spiritual and social aspects, it is also good for your body to prevent heart, eyesight, spine and blood circulation diseases. The mantras help to activate antineoplastic immunity.
  1. Om Namo Bhagavate Ramachandraya
  2. Om Hrim Hrim Suryaya Namah
  3. Om Gravi Suryaya Namah
  4. Om Ramaya Namah
  5. Om Surya Namah

Author: Tatiana Zemskaya

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